October 2021

What a roller coaster this year has been. We reopened the Senior Center with much excitement on July 1st, but the Delta Variant has changed everyone’s plans! Now as the summer has turned to fall, we are proceeding carefully! 

We have many programs waiting to start! A new lunch program, new fitness classes, new collaborations. While many are currently paused or on hold until things seem safer, we are moving ahead with programs being scheduled. Many may have to be virtual, if the Covid-19 situation continues to pose high risks in our area. 

But this month we will be CELEBRATING in spite of all the uncertainty. During the pandemic, Friends in Action has continued to serve more people than ever through our amazing volunteers. We have developed new programs to deliver groceries, food boxes, meals and medicine. We have helped hundred of individuals get their Covid-19 vaccines. And we are working to find new partnerships and new ways to help people who just need a little support, an occasional visit or phone call or a caregiver who needs some simple forms of respite. 

This has also been a good year for my garden, although I do not really have enough time for it! I have some amazing “volunteer” flowers that are thriving and luxuriant – and they remind me of FIA volunteers who appear and make life much, much more beautiful than we ever expect!

Keep smiling! And be sure to keep in touch!

Jo Cooper, Executive Director