Friends in Action



Friends in Action’s mission is to empower older adults and people with disabilities to thrive and live independently, with dignity and a strong quality of life. This mission guides the roles and responsibilities of the Friends in Action (FIA) Executive Director (ED).

The FIA ED is hired by the FIA Board of Directors (Board) and reports directly to the Board. The ED oversees the daily operations of FIA’s volunteer transportation services and Senior Center programs, manages its finances, supervises its staff, and maintains FIA’s presence in the community.



  • Keeps FIA’s mission central to FIA’s daily operations;
  • Keeps the Board informed of FIA’s operations;
  • Attends monthly board meetings and committee meetings; 
  • Conducts her/himself professionally;
  • Acts as the spokesperson for FIA in the community; 
  • Develops constructive relationships with Board members, City of Ellsworth personnel, and other key members of the community.


  • Establishes and implements short- and long-term plans to carry out FIA’s mission and its Strategic Plan goals; 
  • Recommends policies, programs, and advocacy actions to the Board and administers Board-approved policies and decisions; 

  • Monitors trends, legislation and regulations that are relevant to FIA’s mission and programs.

Program Management

  • Makes program recommendations to the Board of Directors based on community and client needs;
  • Designs, staffs, implements, and evaluates program activities to meet Strategic Plan goals;  

  • Assesses the fiscal viability of programs and makes recommendations accordingly.

Personnel Management

  • Hires, trains, supervises, and annually evaluates all staff;

  • Recruits, trains, supports, and recognizes compassionate volunteers for FIA’s programs.
  • Builds and maintains positive relationships with staff and volunteers.

Fiscal Management

  • Develops, in collaboration with the Board Treasurer and Finance Committee, an annual budget for Board approval;

  • Monitors, with the Board Treasurer and Finance Committee, FIA’s overall fiscal health; 
  • Manages fiscal operations by authorizing expenditures and keeping expenses within budget limits;

  • Consults with the Board Treasurer and Finance Committee regarding unanticipated expenses.

Fundraising & Development 

  • Pursues and applies for grants to support FIA programs;
  • Seeks out community and corporate support;
  • Develops and carries out an ongoing plan to increase individual donations from the community through regular communication, relationship-building, and appreciation;
  • Supports the Board’s Fundraising & Development Committee;
  • Gives fundraising and development reports to the Board monthly.

Public Relations

  • Develops and implements a public relations effort to raise awareness of FIA in the community;
  • Builds beneficial, ongoing relationships with local media outlets;
  • Obtains local media coverage of FIA’s programs and events;
  • Updates the Board regarding public relations
  • Collaborates with other community organizations and groups to strengthen and expand FIA’s impact.