Like many, I am delighted to turn the page on 2020!

As we start 2021, I am excited to think of all that lies ahead this year. It will be a new start for our Senior Center. Since we closed in March and again in September, we have been exploring new program ideas. We have formed a task force (named “Project Re-think”) to re-imagine the Senior Center. This is both to allow for all that we have learned since opening in 2014 and also to explore new ideas we have not had a chance to try.

To be fiscally responsible to our donors and participants, we are looking at new programs through the lens of financial sustainability. We expect to be offering a wider array of programs and to be offering more programs through other community organizations and nonprofits. We would like your ideas and will be putting out a survey and calling people starting in January.

I am especially proud of the resilience of Friends in Action this year. We have risen to the unexpected challenge of COVID and are continuing to provide vital services, including transportation, delivery of meals, food pantry boxes, groceries and medicine and have helped build ramps and repair steps and walkways. New volunteers joined FIA in record numbers. Although many drivers had to step back during the pandemic, many have changed their volunteering to food delivery. Friends in Action has been there when people have needed us.

We hope to improve our communications this year and offer more programs online in the coming months. As always, I welcome your participation and your suggestions! Although we are working with more limited staffing, you should always be able to reach us by email or by phone.

Happy New Year!